About Vargo’s Dance

Jamie Vargo opened Vargo’s Dance in 2011 with a goal of creating a fun environment where everyone from singles to couples could learn how to dance. The studio is also ‘18 and older’ so couples can enjoy a date night away from the kids!


Who are Vargo’s Dancers?


Fun-loving people that want to get more enjoyment out of those special moments in life! And enjoy the benefits of exercising their body and soul!


Instead of being uncomfortable and sitting on the sidelines, imagine being a part of the fun at weddings, on vacation or taking advantage of the great music at your favorite restaurant!


Who are Vargo’s Instructors?


Vargo’s Dance instructors and staff are trained professionals. When you attend any of our classes, you can participate with confidence knowing that we will provide a warm and supportive learning environment.


We understand that learning can be intimidating, so our staff and instructors take extra time to help you feel comfortable and confident in what might be unfamiliar surroundings. We like to create custom lessons for our students, so we encourage you to tell us what you want to accomplish, the types of dances you prefer, and where you think you will be using your dancing skills.


Some students like to learn a few steps from several dances and others prefer to become proficient at one dance in particular. No matter, we can teach you anything from the saucy Latin steps of the Salsa to the smooth romantic motions of the Waltz.


If you aren’t sure what you’d like to learn, we are here to help.


Whether you are a beginner, need more advanced classes, or just want to brush up on your skills, we’ll find just the right class for you. We’ll even tailor your lesson to fit a specific formal event or a simple night on the town! From the Foxtrot to the Nightclub 2 step, we can teach you all you need to know to become a great dancer!


Dancing to great music is something that everyone wishes they knew how to do… and at Vargo’s Dance we can teach you how!

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