Q: What's the best way to start?

A: Take an Intro Lesson! Call or email us to set up a 25 Min Private Introductory Lesson. The cost is $25. This lesson serves as a way for you to get to know the studio and a way for your instructor to learn about you, your interests and goals. Basically get your toes wet and a dance a little.  630.344.9392

Q: Do I need to take private lessons?
A: Nope! Although Private Lessons are by far the quickest way to learn how to dance, Group classes are available for anyone not interested in Private Lessons. Group Classes are a fun way to meet the community and learn how to dance! No registration necessary. Just show up, sign in, and enjoy! Please be mindful of class level when looking at the calendar! (And don’t forget the wine!)
Q: I'm getting Married! How do I start??

A:  Congrats to you!! Take an Intro Lesson! Call or email us to set up a 25 Min Private Introductory Lesson. The cost is $25. If you can, have your first song picked out so we can best prepare for your lesson before you come in! Parents of the bride or Groom….we got you covered too. Give us a call, 630.344.9392

Q: Do I need a partner?

A: Certainly not! Many of our students actually prefer dancing with an Instructor for private lessons. And we rotate partners in our group classes so there is no worry!

Q: How long are private lessons?

A: Private lessons are 45 minutes long. The last 5 minutes are spent scheduling and taking notes. If you arrive early, jump on the floor and start warming up!

Q: How often should I take lessons?

A: This is completely up to you and how quickly you would like to pick up this new skill.  Many of our students take multiple lessons per week. Do what makes you feel comfortable. Everyone learns at a different pace so only you will know what’s best for you.  Of course, if you need help deciding on a schedule, any of our instructors are here to help!

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: To cancel a lesson without being charged for the lesson, you must notify us 24 hours before your lesson begins. If less than 24 hours notice is given and we are unable to fill your lesson time slot, the lesson will be deducted from your package. To reschedule a lesson, please email vargosdance@gmail.com or call us 630.344.9392

Q: Do my private lessons expire?

A: Yes, all lessons and packages expire 6 months from purchase date.